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MASSIVELY CONTRIBUTE to these Crucial Efforts.

Both of these efforts, led by Hoban Law Group, are critical to pave the way for the future of Hemp FOODS, EXTRACTS and or SUPPLEMENTS.


As you may be aware, Hoban Law Group (HLG) filed a lawsuit against the DEA.  Details here:

Discussion here:  This effort is a substantial defense of the industrial hemp industry because the new definition of “marihuana extract” effectively requires DEA registration for all industrial hemp extractors, and effectively deems even cold pressed hemp seed oil found at Whole Foods to be a Controlled Substance.

This action is pro bono and requires substantial funding to complete.

2.  STATE LOBBYING EFFORT (the Hemp Foods Bill):

As you may or may not know, in recent months the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has taken the position that ANY hemp product intended for human consumption (from other than nonviable seed) that is to be produced, manufactured, or sold in the State of Colorado is an adulterant and/or deleterious substance under the law.

There are significant penalties for violating these legal provisions.  The CDPHE’s position mimics that set forth by the FDA.

Colorado Is At The Center

With Colorado leading the nation in terms of domestic hemp production (~9,000 of the ~12,0000 acres cultivated in 2016), this legislative effort needs to begin here.

That said, the CDPHE, the CDA, and various other State Agencies have been very willing to discuss ways to resolve this problem at the State level. They simply want legislative clarity. To that end, we have drafted legislation to SOLVE this problem.

The industry is aligned on the manner in which to solve this, and we NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

In order to pay the lobby team (John Kunkle, Samantha Walsh, and Collon Kennedy). As you may know, this very same lobby team was able to defeat any and all legislation in the 2016 Legislative sessions which was intended to adversely impact the industrial hemp industry.

They are the best in the business.

Thus, we need to raise substantial dollars to pay these folks (for the remainder of the CO General Assembly Session in 2017). The cost is approximately $80,000.

This is a DO or DIE Proposal.

If this issue is not solved, we will see an early end to the burgeoning industrial hemp industry in Colorado.

Virtually all significant “players” in the national/Colorado industrial hemp industry are aligned on this issue and we must get it done this year. HLG will be the “point guard” for this effort and will interface with the lobbyists.

It is a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE. This legislation will serve as a model for every other state with a hemp pilot program.

The Bill and Summary are attached; although the bill itself will see a number of changes over the next several weeks at the Colorado General Assembly.


Kindly send a check to the “Hoban Law Group ESCROW” at the industry and we will send you a receipt for your contribution.

Without your support, this effort is sure to fail, and it will set the industrial hemp industry in Colorado, and possible all the States back another seventy years.

Any questions, we are happy to answer them.

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