The Cannapedia is a non-profit Cannabis Education Foundation founded by DJ Nicke.

It is important that accurate and reliable information on Cannabis and its derivatives is freely available. This will allow individuals to make informed choices free from political or commercial bias.

Our foundation aims to be a resource of:

  • Scientific and industry-specific research
  • Plain-worded, well researched articles on such research
  • Accurate and plain-worded articles on Cannabis legislation

We aim to avoid any form of bias, whether political, commercial, scientific, or industry-specific bias. Instead we intend to be an accurate and reliable resource for all people interested in Cannabis and its derivative products and uses.

Let us know how we are doing, or suggest topics you feel needs accurate and reliable coverage by contacting us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

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  1. The Good Earth Team
    The Good Earth Team says:

    Hey DJ,
    We support you in distributing the to Documentary yourself. ♡ we’d love to show the film on our partner website
    Please get in touch with us to discuss it. Well done on the film!
    We can’t wait to see it.
    We can also share the teasers and news on our social.
    The film festivals are a part of the Old Power instead continue to use the new Power of the net and crowd to get it out there!
    We must all educate on the benefits of cannnabis! Once you know something so important to human health and to a plant that can save our planet from extinction.

    Big love ♡
    The Good Earth Team


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