How to Package Dab Concentrates

Dab Concentrates


BrandMyDispo offers a variety of Dab concentrates containers and dab packaging at wholesale prices. We can help you with branding and bulk purchases. Our industry experts can assist you in obtaining suitable packaging and branding it to fit your needs for wax and concentrate containers.

We understand that it can be challenging to find reliable container wholesalers. So we want to help you find one you can trust. We can help you find suitable containers for your patients, whether they are bulk plastic jars, syringes for concentrates, blisters, or tincture jars for concentrates.

You don’t have to worry about fitting your product into any one-size-fits-all container. Our representatives are familiar with the catalog and will help you choose suitable containers and jars. Not sure what you need? It’s okay! Talk to our representatives and art team about the best concentrate containers for your product.


Your dabs concentrates will be delivered quickly and safely to your customers. Superior packaging for marijuana can increase sales and enhance your image. It also reinforces the value of the extracts and concentrates within. Your concentrate packaging and dabs are often the most important selling tool.

Concentrate containers:

Our concentrate containers are ideal for storing wax, shatter, crumble, or live resin. They are leak-proof and water-resistant, keeping your extracts fresh.

Die-Cut Boxes:

One size does not suit all. Custom printed and branded boxes can be cut to communicate your message.

Smell proof Bags:

It’s more than just a bag. It’s our identity. Customized for various marijuana products, these bags and pouches are superior in smell.

Shatter Envelopes:

Shatter envelopes are a great way to showcase your extracts strikingly.

Packaging Procedure:

Ordering it can be complicated, no matter how old or new you are to custom cannabis packaging. How big do I need? What size do I need? What are the colors I can imprint? You might feel overwhelmed by the variety of packaging options. Don’t worry, that’s normal.

Please request a quote via our website to get your custom cannabis packaging. We will help you choose the suitable product packaging for you. We are available to help you find the best packaging solution, whether you already have the materials or not.


Next, you must decide what custom marijuana packaging will work best for you. The suitable packaging for your cannabis will depend on many factors, including safety, functionality, sustainability, and shelf appeal.


Your brand’s logo is the foundation of your brand identity. Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity. It is often the first thing customers see about your company. BrandMyDispo offers graphic design services that reflect your brand’s message and showcase the quality of your product through custom-designed marijuana packaging. We can help you develop your packaging, whether you have a logo that needs creative support or want to create one from scratch.


BrandMyDispo is all about quality and no compromises. Our team of experts will help you find the best custom packaging solution for your cannabis when you submit a quote via our website. This is not all. Our experienced team can optimize your packaging investment by understanding the best ways to source packaging, obtaining multiple competitive offers from manufacturers, and maximizing your logistical footprint.


  • Low MOQ: This can help you win more business.
  • OEM Accepted: We can make any design.
  • Excellent Service: We treat our clients like friends.
  • High Quality: We have a strict quality control system and will inspect your goods before shipping.
  • Fast delivery: We offer a considerable discount for forwarders (Long contract).


We have a wide range of concentrate packaging. Glass concentrates applicators, extract envelopes, and parchment paper are all available. We also have glass concentrate jars. The jars we offer are child-resistant and made with the highest quality. They can be used for cannabis packaging. We also have a variety of packaging boxes available that will attract your customers’ attention and add value to your product.

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