How to Legally Buy Weed Online


Medicinal marijuana is legal in 29 US states. Meanwhile, recreational weed is legal in 11 US states and more people in more states are clamoring for the legalization of weed. Thus, the demand for marijuana and related products is increasing rapidly. This burgeoning demand for marijuana has also spread online. Now you can buy weed legally online. No longer do you need to use shady methods to obtain weed from equally shady dealers.

However, how safe is it to buy weed and related products online? Will you get cheated? Can you be arrested? These are some questions that we will try to answer in this article.

Can I Buy Weed Online?

The simple answer is yes but it also depends on your location. It is possible to buy weed online in states where marijuana is legalized. However, if you are in a state where marijuana is not legal, DO NOT try to buy weed online. You could get arrested. So, be warned.

Buying weed online is an option for the elderly who cannot move out of their houses during the pandemic. It is also an option for those who love to buy stuff online.

But we suggest caution when you are buying weed online. There are people out there who would like to cheat you. So be very careful when buying marijuana or marijuana seeds from an online store. It’s much better to grow your own by visiting this site

To buy weed online:

  1. Find a trusted online site selling weed. Preferably buy from a site in your state where weed is legalized. If you are in a state where weed is not legalized, do not buy weed online. You could get in trouble.
  2. Make sure you are of legal age. In the US you need to be 21 to be able to consume weed and related products. Ensure you have some ID to prove you are above the legal age.
  3. Search for the product/s you want.
  4. Add them to the shopping cart.
  5. Proceed to checkout. Select a delivery option.
  6. You should get an email confirmation.
  7. Be prepared with the cash and valid ID to take delivery when it arrives.

The process may vary from site to site. But the basic process is the same. Remember, be very careful of sites that want online payment by credit card. Only pay online if you are sure of the site and the vendor.

Where Should I Buy Weed Online?

Be very careful while buying marijuana online. Many fly-by-night operators are all out to cheat you. So be aware. First, check out if a local pharmacy has the products you are looking for and if they have a delivery service. Suppose local pharmacies have marijuana and related products and do not have a delivery service. In that case, you can always search for a delivery service that delivers.

If there is no local pharmacy that can help you, then search for an online service. Do a bit of research as to how long an online supplier has been in operation. Also, look for customer reviews. That should give you some idea about the reliability of the supplier.

Some Warning Signs to Look Out for Payment by Credit Card or Upfront

Beware of vendors who ask for payment by credit card. Actually, beware of vendors who ask for payment upfront. Look for vendors who allow you to pay on delivery.

There are scams where vendors will ask you to pay online or via credit card, and then they vanish after the payment. Look for scammers like that.Suppliers and vendors do have options where you can pay using cash on delivery. That seems to be a safer option.

If you do decide to make a payment to a vendor upfront, before taking delivery, make sure it is a trusted vendor who will not cheat you once they have received your money.

An Amateurish Site

Be warned, do not order anything from a site that does not look professional. A non-professional site with plenty of misspelled words is usually a warning that it is a scam. Be careful and wary of such sites. Once again, look for sites with complete details of the vendor, like contact details and a license for selling marijuana and related products.

An Out-of-state Vendor

Beware of sites that promise delivery anywhere in the US. It could be a scam. Or it could be a trap by law enforcement agencies that could land you in trouble. So be very careful. We suggest buying from a local vendor or one that is in your state.

Cheap is not Always the Best

Please do not be fooled by someone who is selling weed at throwaway prices. It may be enticing to buy cheap weed. However, the cheap stuff could be detrimental to your health. So be choosy. We would suggest you go for mid-range products. They are usually the safest bet.

The very pricey stuff may not be worth the price. The cheap stuff could be bad for you. The mid-price weed with plenty of good reviews could be the stuff that you should buy.

The demand for marijuana and related products has gone up ever since it has become legal to use them in some states. The demand is so great that people are looking for ways to buy weed online.

It is OK to buy marijuana online as long as you are sure the vendor is a trusted one. You can find this out by doing a bit of research online. However, beware of scammers. Be very careful while buying weed online. Do NOT buy weed if you are not of legal age or if weed is not legalized in your state.

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