How to Clean Bongs?

You would not consume alcohol from a filthy glass, or from an unclean plate – so why would you take hits from an unclean bong?

If you’re the pleased owner of some excellent smoking glasses, you’ve possibly observed that the initial hit of a new bong is the best – and this is just to the reality that it is so clean. So to get that exact same first-hit feeling with every session, all you have to do is tidy your bong frequently.

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How to Clean Bongs?

We get it – cleaning your bong can be truly dirty work. But to maintain the preference and top quality of your sessions, it is a necessary job. That being stated, exactly how frequently you must clean your bong is down to personal choice – and, obviously, just how commonly you smoke.

An unclean bong doesn’t just jeopardize the quality of your smoke sessions, it can actually jeopardize your health. Aside from simply being gross, there are a number of significant health issues that can be triggered by using a dirty bong – including pneumonia, bronchitis, and emphysema. This is since your bong is the optimal breeding place for bacteria, which grow in moist, warm settings with a readily offered food resource – like plant particles, which is transferred into your bong water whenever you inhale.

How frequently should I cleanse a bong?

Some individuals cleanse their glassware weekly, and others daily – yet if you’re a heavy smoker you ought to possibly take into consideration cleaning it every couple of days, or at the minimum refreshing your water prior to every use.

Hygiene aside, a tidy bong is the most effective means to eat your materials. If your equipment has lots of resin it can overpower the preference of your completely dry herb. If you’re unclean your bongs regularly, your smoke might get mixed in with leftover deposits which can actually taint the taste of your natural herb.

So considering all the hard-earned cash money you’ve invested in a leading bongs for the best hit feasible, why sabotage the quality of your smoke sessions over something as easy as unclean it properly.

Exactly how to recognize if your bongs needs cleansing?

Below are some very easy indications that your bongs remains in severe need of a deep clean:

– Heavy resin build-up.

– White or gray blurry mold expanding on material build-up.

– White or black flecks inside the bongs.

While it might be discouraging in the beginning, learning exactly how to clean your bong is really fairly basic. And won’t occupy too much of your time. 

Various Bongs Water Alternatives

1. Warm tea

This is a wonderful and outstanding alternative to bong water as it assures a smoother hit. So instead of using water whether warm or chilly, you could make some warm tea including flavors. Like orange or lemon to give it a refreshing preference. Adding sugar to the warm tea would definitely create a problem for your bong as it would certainly come to be very challenging to clean.

Warm tea instead of water would certainly provide you a new smoking experience and undoubtedly a smoother feel.

2. Cold tea

Cold tea as a choice to bong water provides a rather unique and exhilarating hit when utilizing a bong. Using ice tea as an alternative to water will certainly blow your mind. If you enjoy putting ice cubes in water, you can additionally make it occur while utilizing tea as a bong water alternative.

All you require is to put some ice, right into your already flavored tea? And your bong water choice prepares to go. Keep in mind that sugar in your iced tea makes cleaning your bong harder. Consequently, it is strongly suggested that you include extremely little sugar in your tea. If you should use sugar, nonetheless including a little sweetener to your tea will certainly be harmless to your bong.

3. Wine

As far as bong water choices are concerned, the wine option is most likely taken into consideration among the most effective. If you use wine as your alternative in a bongs and you will never ever look back. Wine provides an impressive flavour combination, and going with wine gives you a larger option. You can add additional taste to the top quality of wine you select to bong with as it’s quality can make a distinction.

Wine with very low alcoholic content does make an excellent solvent. THC is the energetic ingredient in cannabis and it is soluble in alcohol so, for that reason, this might possibly put you at risk of losing part of the THC. Also, alcohol will certainly not drop well with combustion in the exact same environment and with such distance. So beware, individuals.

All you require is a good glass of wine with reduced alcoholic content and you are excellent to go, you ought to try this for a unique, remarkable and refreshing bong experience.

4. Orange or  lemons peels

Many users favor the standard method of water as bong solvent. And a few others would pick any kind of array of fluids to load their bongs with. Orange and lemon peels will give you a distinct bong experience as it provides you a citrus blast and a thrilling hit.
Thanks for reading this article. Hope you got the idea about various bong water alternatives. Our customers are using our high quality bongs and they all are satisfied with our products.

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