Growing Hydroponic Tower Gardens in Small Spaces

In the past, limited habitation space forced humans to build skyscrapers. Similarly, limited spaces for plantation drove human beings to invent and adopt the idea of vertical farming.

Tower gardening is the new trend offering indoor gardening enthusiasts to grow food crops and cannabis hydroponically. Moreover, it allows increased cultivation by supplementing numerous stacked layers of plant surfaces.

Growing with hydroponic systems indoors allows you to grow a wide variety of plants indoors, on patios, rooftops, or balconies, saving space. 

Tower garden, as a by-product, beautifies small spaces. With low-cost production and safe growth, this investment will pay off for sure.


Benefits of Tower Hydroponics

Tower hydroponics is a lap of luxury for indoor growers. It has several advantages over traditional methods that are as follows:

Compact Design

Confined space is no more a barrier for the plantation. The compact design of tower hydroponics enables indoor gardeners to produce food without much labor. It is the reason experts tout tower gardening as the future of crop production.

Good for Growing Cannabis

Hydroponics is a wonderful method for cultivating cannabis. Cannabis grows, particularly in vertical pots. The pots are filled with an inert medium like a water reservoir that is suspended over a water tank. 

The water contains all the nutrients necessary for the growth; air stones are also used to oxygenate the tank. Cannabis will grow faster in bigger yields.

Soil Free

You get to enjoy soil-free gardening through the vertical hydroponics, avoiding all the cons of soil growing. For example, the absence of soil limits the growth of pests and weeds with no soil-borne diseases. 

The crop will grow to maturity in less time than it would in traditional soil gardening.

Minimal Waste and Maintenance

Water in the hydroponic tower keeps circulating as it has a closed solution flow system. Thus, there’s no waste of resources, and the process can be automated for low maintenance.

Efficiency and Productivity

With the right nutrient mixture and proper lightning, you can achieve high growth. According to some sources, hydroponic towers provide up to 90% efficiency.

Cost-effective and Effortless

Vertical hydroponics is a cost-effective production method. You’ll just require an initial investment for the equipment. 

Furthermore, it requires much less physical effort. So, you’ll have less stooping and bending than you would have in traditional gardening.

How the Tower Garden Works?

The working of a tower garden for producing crops hydroponically is as follows:

  • Plants grow in a water solution.
  • Germinated seedlings are planted for production.
  • The reservoir stores the nutrient mixture which cascades down the tower, nourishing plants.
  • A submersible pump pushes the solution to the top of the structure through a pipe. The solution drips down evenly, cascading over the planted roots.
  • The cycle continues to oxygenate the crop.

Growing Cannabis on a Hydroponic Tower

A wide variety of herbs, plants, fruits, and vegetables can be grown in these structures. A few notable exceptions include root crops, bushes, trees, and grapevines. Furthermore, the hydroponic tower is a versatile cannabis growing structure.

Cannabis is one of the most complex and capricious crops when it comes to traditional growing. Traditional cannabis production is expensive and involves many complicated steps. Whereas, growing hydroponically is way cheaper and much easier.

Much less effort is involved as a distinctive nutrient solution does it all from seedling to reaping. The same nutrient solution is used indifferently for almost all the crops. The hydroponic production cost is ten times lesser than that of traditional farming.

Aside from its cost-effectiveness, it requires little to no labor. Additionally, the output never fails to amaze you. You may grow up to ten large cannabis plants per tower with ease. Visit to learn more.


To sum up, vertical hydroponics is a privilege if you want to grow cannabis indoors. It’s a cost-effective method for production throughout the year. 

Undoubtedly, a dynamic approach for a more sustainable future with little to no downsides. Definitely worth your investment, considering the benefits it offers.

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