Could Cannabis Shrink Tumors?

Tumors or neoplasms are abnormal growths of tissue or what is known as a mass of abnormal cells. Generally, there are three types of tumors: benign, pre-malignant and malignant.

A benign tumor is a non-cancerous growth.  Although these types of tumors do not spread into other areas they can cause pressure onto surrounding blood vessels and nerves.

A pre-malignant tumor is compromised of disordered cells that have the risk of turning into cancer.

And there is a malignant tumor which is a cancerous tumor that spreads to other areas of the body, which can be life-threatening if not resolved.

What new evidence are we seeing when it comes to cannabinoids role in shrinking tumors?

Lab results are showing that cannabinoids help stop new blood vessels from feeding tumors. This is very important, because the more blood flow to a tumor, the more it will grow. With less blood flow, the tumor will likely shrink and ultimately dissolve.1

Research is also showing us that cannabinoids inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells spreading to other areas of the body, a process known as metastasis where a secondary growth forms. Certain cannabinoids are helpful in keeping things in a tight area instead of allowing healthy cells to get bombarded with diseased tissue.2

When the body is under stress it can benefit from assistance to go in and clean up the cells. With the use of cannabinoids,the body’s ability to promote cleansing of diseased cells is enhanced. Think of It like having a garbage disposal instead of a trash can. This method of waste clean up is more efficient.3

Through animal lab testing, we are seeing the ability of certain cannabinoids to inhibit the growth of metastasis especially in breast, brain and lung cancer growths, resulting in autophagy.1

What is happening is that certain cannabinoids are downregulating the expression of unhealthy genes, specifically ID-1 genes in order to restrain tumor growth2

The main cannabinoids that were researched in this particular study were:


With the down-regulation of unhealthy genes and up-regulation of autophagy (our ability to digest unhealthy cells), the body starts to regain homeostasis. When you activate this biological process, it assists you to repair naturally. Three key benefits to autophagy are:

  1. Decrease Inflammation
  2. Maximize your Biological Processes and Turn on Healthy Genes
  3. Reduce the Speed of the Aging Process

The findings suggest that cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant can function as a direct approach to tumor suppression and could help first line therapies (such as pharmaceuticals) to create improved results.123


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19 replies
  1. Kristen Harden
    Kristen Harden says:

    Hello, I have a pet that has a tumor and have been advised cbd oil. Where would be the best place to purchase?
    Thank you

  2. Dodee J. Schmitt
    Dodee J. Schmitt says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Thank you for visiting the Cannapedia. We appreciate your question. To find a reputable source you should make sure they offer Certificates of Analysis that are up to date. There are many companies online now that you can do searches for and some are specific to help with pets. Or send my friend Cliff at [email protected] a message and he should be able to help you, he has been in the pet cbd market for a while now.

  3. Miranda
    Miranda says:

    I have the genetic disease of Neurofibromatosis. (NF1) which is the growth of tumors. I have both internal and external tumors. I am 31 years old and notice, as I age more and more small ones are starting to grow externally.

    When I was 10 I had a surgery to remove one that was both external, and internal on the back. They were unable to remove all of the roots from the back muscle so the tumor has since grown back externally, taking up a large portion of my backside making each day physically and emotionally draining.

    I know CBD oil is not a miracle healer of my overall disease, but I am hoping this will slow any future growth. I was just wondering if you could recommend the best form and dosage to begin; or the best website for further reserach.

    Thank you

      • Anri
        Anri says:

        I also have a benign brain tumor, I took cannabis oil for 2 weeks, and then started having epilepsy instances. Benign tumors are non-cancerous which is healthy tissue but random growths. I’m concerned that this might have ‘encouraged growth? Any advice?

        • DJ Nicke
          DJ Nicke says:

          I am not a medical professional, I cannot give medical advice. However, Cannabis is not a pharmaceutical treatment – meaning it is not a controlled poison.

          Cannabis simply helps your cells to restore healthy functioning and for your body to achieve homeostasis. This would imply that any tumor cells in your body would then be programmed for autophagy or apoptosis – meaning programmed cell death (which is typically switched off in cancerous growths).

          But you should listen to your body, and only do what feels right to you.

  4. Dodee
    Dodee says:

    Hey there, thanks for checking out my article. I am not a Doctor so I can not give you personal medical advice and I certainly won’t make any claims on what this can do for you. With that said in my experience helping others as a health coach I have seen the remission and dissolving of tumors so long as they also let go of whatever is causing the tumors. This may be a diet change, a lifestyle change, a toxicity in the body that needs cleansing or most often an emotional issue that requires attention and care. Plant medicines like this are an adjunct to a diet and lifestyle shift that honors the gift of your body. Sending you lots of blessings.

  5. Fiona
    Fiona says:

    i have an 11yr olds son who was diagnosed aged 7 with a benign brain stem tumour – it has grown by 20% over the last few years and I need to know from a reputable source if I can use cbd oil on him and if so what strength ? Thanks so much in advance

  6. Erinda
    Erinda says:

    Can this be used to treat a Central Giant Cell Granuloma (benign jaw tumor)? My son is 10. If so, where do i purchase and what doses do i use? I’m in NJ. Thank you.

  7. Glenda Clark
    Glenda Clark says:

    I also have this disease. The tumor growth for me is by the thousands The pain threshold is over a Ten in scale.
    I just started using the Green revolution tinctures.
    So far not noticing any difference in pain level.
    Or reduction in tumor size.

  8. Natalie Walker
    Natalie Walker says:

    Can cannabis oil shrink a benign meningioma brain tumour ? It’s very deep and 7cm. Surgery is high risk. Hoping to find an alternative? Thanks


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