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The USA is Importing Hemp Seeds and Expertise from Europe in 2017!

Hana Gabrielová has been studying and working with hemp for longer than most Americans have even known of the plant. She began her Bachelor’s Thesis on Hemp Agronomy back in 1997, having been inspired as a youth by the Jack Herer classic: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. These days, she teaches the science of hemp […]

A New Hope for Veterans with PTSD

Two million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is estimated that 30 percent of them have returned with PTSD 1. That means the Veterans Health Administration (VA) has been overwhelmed with more than 600,000 PTSD patients, and in response, they are over-prescribing opiates. Despite treatment, an average of 22 veterans commit suicide […]

Medical Cannabis in Australia

Pauline Hanson has become an unlikely hero to all those requiring medical Cannabis. On January 8th, she directly lobbied Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to provide an amnesty to suppliers and users of medicinal cannabis. This appeal came after police raided the Adelaide home of Jenny Hallam – a 44 year old woman who produces and […]

Yes, Cannabis DOES Cure Cancer

I’m sure the title of this article will anger many people, and that’s ok. Just don’t dismiss this information before you’ve read it. We will present theories, evidence, facts, and hopefully lead you to the same conclusion; that yes, Cannabis really does cure cancer. There is No Cure for Cancer… Believing that no cure for […]

Is Raw Cannabis a Superfood?

A “functional food” is a food that provides benefits in excess of nutrition.1  The number of vitamins, essential oils, complete essential amino acids, and perfectly balanced fatty acids found in raw cannabis has led experts like Dr. William Courtney to call weed a “dietary essential” and definitely a functional food.2 When unheated, raw cannabis causes […]

CannaFest Prague, 2016 – Research Summary

Most medical cannabis research done on humans used: Suppositories in the morning Oral ingestion at night (rubbing the oil into the gums between lips and gums)   Research has found that suppositories do not get the patient high even when using high amounts of THC – since it isn’t processed by the liver.   Taking […]

CannaFest 2016 – The World’s Largest Cannabis Fair

The Cannapedia are at Cannafest 2016 – the 7th annual cannabis and medicinal herb fair in Prague. This year the fair will host 250 companies from 25 countries. Represented at the fair will be some of the leading manufacturers of textiles and cosmetic products, top media outlets that cover cannabis awareness, and various institutions and […]

Marijuana Your Body Makes – Endocannabinoids

Inside your body are millions of cannabinoid receptors. They have one purpose: to receive and process neurotransmitters known as cannabinoids – substances your body naturally produces (called endocannabinoids), and named for the fact that they are found in the cannabis plant, or marijuana.1, 2 In fact, cannabinoid receptor type 1 (referred to simply as CB1) is one […]

Hemp, Cannabis, Marijuana, what’s the difference?

If you’re like me, you’re probably confused by the unofficial and conversational use of words like hemp, marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, and on and on… What’s worse, these words are often used interchangeably. Now, we even have products coming out that use variations of these words purely for marketing and branding purposes. In fact, we’re […]