Afgoo Marijuana Strain Review: All you need to know

Afgoo is an Indica dominant Hybrid bud breed. This timeless manhood of the Kush family includes all of the lineage’s signature scents and tastes, making cannabis consumers feeling comfortable and just a bit tired.

Afgoo, sometimes called “Afgooey” can be an older school California stress. This marijuana has existed since the 1980s, and it’s still going strong. A few primary strains are challenging to receive both hands-on nowadays. It is a tired and relaxing Indica Dominant Hybrid of Maui Haze and Afghani Number 1. Pick this up chill marijuana to get a lazy weekend or evening.


Grow Information

Afgoo climbs short, compact plants using broad puff leaves. It blossoms in seven weeks also thrive both indoors and outdoors, particularly in hot, semi-humid ponds. Inside, Seedsman seed bank urges Sea of Green (SOG) or Display of Green (ScrOG) to create compact, trichome-covered buds and also reach that the potentially tremendous returns.

Afgoo Experience

This 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid vehicle is undoubtedly a nighttime blossom. Sedative and heavy-lidded, this marijuana stipulates a relaxing and deep body. Fast-acting, many discover that Afgoo collapses in after a couple of short moments. Luckily for people that want extended relief, then the overall effects with the weed are especially long-term also.

 Since you may wind up sinking to the couch after some strong puffs, this blossom will expand an advanced, inspirational experience. Intensely euphoric, Afgoo supplies a joyful and relaxing experience that may turn pretty much any frown upside down. Novice consumers may wind up only a little paranoid after having a couple of too many strikes. Nevertheless, probably the most frequent complaint about this particular Indica is dry skin and dry eyes.

Like many high-THC breeds Afgoo is well known to increase hunger and enhance a sense of time. If you should be hungry enough to place a meal at the oven, you may like to decide on a timer. 

Traits of Afgoo and Afgoo Seeds

The Afgoo breed is supposed for considered a descendant of an Afghani breed and Maui Haze.  The Afghani shines in this particular bud.  Though this breed is a hybrid vehicle it’s classified as an Indica as a result of high degrees of a specific terpene referred to as myrcene. This plant has been fast flowering and heavy producing that will be very good for home growers searching for a rewarding harvest. To learn more, visit

 Even the THC at Afgoo may additionally get high, possibly up to 28 percentage when increased with expert attention and skill.  As this kind of potent breed, this marijuana is suggested for all those who have any cannabis experience. The odor of this marijuana ardently takes as a result of its Afghan heritage, perhaps under this myrcene that the aromatic base with this marijuana is a sturdy, earthy musk.  Afgoo also features a high quality, which makes it a forest-like odor. 

Medical Advantages of Afgoo

While this Hybrid leans more into the Indica side of cannabis, its Sativa legacy gives it a selection of curative properties that medical marijuana patients may love.

  • Medical cannabis patients in pain or need of an extreme comfort will find relief together. Afgoo and g13 strains are good combination for medicinal patients of marijuana as explained.
  • Mood-related conditions like anxiety, depression and PTSD, are usually eased thanks for this strain’s motivational experience.
  • It may also provide cannabis patients Respite from several debilitating conditions, including fibromyalgia or arthritis.
  • Afgoo can also be utilized to alleviate debilitating muscle fatigue and muscular strain.
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